Many houses have been burnt.

Land grabbing has become Uganda’s label. It is in Uganda were a government official(s) or an investor(s) comes and orders you to vacate your land at a snap of a finger. The moment you differ from that, be sure to receive a thorough beating, brutal arrest or even face death.

The People of Apaa Amuru district are in great upheaval again. In December 2018, not many days ago, we had a solidarity visit to Apaa with a Bunyoro community (Kijayo camp) which is also facing the wrath of land grabs in Western Uganda. The Apaa people shared their success stories, how they resiliently fought to keep their land. The Bunyoro community was inspired, they vowed to work in solidarity to kick land grabbers away. Little did they know that something worse was slowly and steadily coming back to their land. On the night of Wednesday 23rd January, 14 more houses were burnt, over 100 people have been displaced to a makeshift camp at Juka center, they have no food as their crops and livestock were looted too they are living in fear for their lives and some have even been arrested.

Remember this is the same community where elderly women undressed for Mr Migereko and the Late Gen. Aronda Nyakairima in 2017 as they protested for their land. Now the misery has begun. Again.

We stand in solidarity with this community and call upon every concerned individual to share this message around the world. Stand with the People of Apaa. Enough is Enough!


Food has been destroyed and cut down.

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