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Solidarity Uganda

Amuru Community Residents

Why Amuru District?

Illegal and violent land grabbing is common everywhere in Uganda, and the government and its corporate affiliates are the top offenders. But Amuru District, where the Acholi have relied on subsistence farming for hundreds of years, has arguably suffered the most. Solidarity Uganda staff members have reported over 40 illegal arrests, the killing of over 500 livestock by Ugandan military, the arson of more than 1000 homes, multiple forced evictions of hundreds of residents, and at least 4 land-related human casualties in the past few years. Despite the statistics, local residents believe their land is part of their identity and refuse to leave it at all costs. Various agencies have partnered with the local Solidarity Uganda network to form the Amuru Community Land Protection Initiative, a nonviolent campaign to prevent the land thefts and protect human rights, making it the perfect site to explore and chronicle the exponential potential of nonviolent social change in Africa.

Your donation helps us accomplish the following goals of this film:

Expose the national and international actors behind these hidden atrocities in Northern Uganda, and encourage reparations for their wrongdoing

Provide East Africa (and the rest of the world) with an inspiring film resource on the practical benefits of effective nonviolent action, especially as it relates to the environment

Share the story of the Amuru land conflict with the world to enhance the capacity (advocacy, volunteer pool, funding, etc.) of those doing the difficult work on the ground

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