Call for nominations for the 2021 Activist of the Year and Community organizer of the Year Awards In 2018, Solidarity Uganda started the Solidarity Uganda awards to recognize strategic, courageous, and progressive members of society who immensely contribute towards social and political change. There are two awards given each year one being Activist of the […]

Women activists and community organisers convene across the country

Last week we concluded our nationwide women convenings across the country. These convenings brought together different women activists and organizers to share experiences and lessons learned through their struggle against injustices in their communities. They also shared how our training and mentorship programs in community organizing and movement building have helped them stand against oppression. […]

“Reform Healthcare” national campaigns

Following the sharp rise of Covid-19 cases in the second wave of the global pandemic, the government imposed yet another lockdown in an attempt to halt the trend. The second wave has exposed the dysfunctional health-care system of the country riddled with high corruption putting many lives at risk. Throughout this season the media has […]


The leadership of Solidarity Uganda grows increasingly frustrated by idle statements unaccompanied by action substantial enough to compromise Dictator Yoweri Museveni’s unbridled 35-year grip on power. This is not our first rodeo. We have been here before. Ambassadors, civil society organizations, and others continue to call upon the dictatorship to open democratic political space for […]

Mass Land Grabbing; An injustice perpetrated by the state

Unfairness in land use, control, and governance has existed for decades now, with corruption, unfair policies, and other injustices embedded in the land tenure system. The graft problem has not spared the police, the judiciary related to land deals as well as the procuring departments where collusion has struck deep, and large cash bribes are […]