People’s Center for Peace

The Lango, like many other peoples of East Africa, have a tradition of gathering around the evening fire to enjoy each other’s company and fill their stomachs with good things, and also share and discuss matters of importance that affect them. This is known as “Wii Otem” where the community finds its roots through cooperation and sharing life.

In the same spirit, we established Wii Otem center in Lira, a space that is community-owned with free services including, internet, a library, working and training spaces, nighttime bonfire, and quiet gardens.

Wii Otem community-owned ethic is inspired not only by the grassroots traditions of the Lango people, but also the Worldwide Free Skool Network which believes that education should be free and that every human is both a teacher and a student. Thus Wii Otem provides space and knowledge acquisition through its free library and internet services, community events, in-house education activities, and other gatherings.

Over the years the Center has provided space for students from various universities across the country and also different organizations (CSOs and NGOs) where various discussions on pertinent issues have been discussed.

Visit the center and tap into the resources available. There are several amazing books including those on civil resistance, you will love them!

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