To engender a culture of active nonviolence in Uganda.


A new Uganda of freedom, justice, peace, opportunity, and happiness.

What We Do

Solidarity Uganda is a progressive organization of activists, community organizers, and political education trainers focused on building the power of poor and oppressed peoples throughout Africa and beyond. It runs Wii Otem Center for Civil Resistance and Alternatives, East Africa's only training facility specifically for civil resistance. Solidarity Uganda has helped countless grassroots campaigns and movements in East Africa and elsewhere achieve their goals, build their numbers and power, and develop better strategies for engendering lasting change. The organization focuses on training, coaching, and capacity-building for activists and organizers to boost their social and political effectiveness.

Solidarity Uganda educates vulnerable communities through discussion-based “problem-posing” education. The pedagogical methods of such community-based trainings employ cross-cultural interactions, physical activities, arts, debates, and other interactive and experiential approaches. Some call this "popular education," "pedagogy of the oppressed," or "adult education" (but we think even kids learn better this way).