ARCHIVED: Interviews at the Frontlines

Three Solidarity Uganda board members endeavored to film interviews with various Ugandan activists working in various capacities on various social change initiatives in Uganda.  The insights they shared with us are not commonly shared openly throughout Uganda, yet we feel their wisdom and observations are crucial for the advancement of the nation.  Follow the links below to hear their thoughts.

Bwesigye – A young lecturer of Human Rights and a Director of an arts-based nonprofit, Bwesigye shares his insight on the socio-political climate of Uganda.

Timothy Kalyegira – A journalist who has faced repression for sharing his news and views, Timothy illuminates us on everything from media freedom to socio-cultural commentary on Uganda.

A Female Activist – This experienced social worker shares her anonymous views on everything from predatory economics to youth political engagement.

Yahya Sseremba – Director of the Campus Journal, Yahya fearlessly exposes the oppressive atrocities rampant in Uganda, and shares some ideas on how to change the status quo.

Chris Oringa – A former staff member of Solidarity Uganda, Chris explains his perspective on the Amuru land conflict in this audio interview.

Shawn Mubiru – Shawn reveals the ecological implications of mass land grabbing and the establishment of large sugarcane plantations in his article.

Phil and Suzan Wilmot, Solidarity Uganda directors, share their experiences and thoughts with Life Esteem TV.