Announcing Our Scholarships for community organisers of East Africa

“The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”. – Steve Biko

Wii Otem Center is a training center for civil resistance and social change located in Lira.
“Wii Otem” refers to the place around the fire where communities gather to discuss pressing matters and share life together. The center contains indoor and outdoor community spaces, a library stocked with books and films on people power and other relevant topics, free WiFi, a network of community organizers, trainers, activists, and progressive organizations that use the facilities, a restaurant, and guest rooms.

Solidarity Uganda is proud to present Short-­Term Independent Study Scholarships for activists and organizers to spend a minimum of one week at Wii Otem Center studying about people power and other topics relevant to their activism. Each successful applicant will produce a product for Wii Otem Center (article, art piece, poem, story, short video, translation of a worksheet to a local language, etc). People of all backgrounds working on issues of peace, justice, and liberation are encouraged to apply.

Applications should be sent to They should include the following:

Letter of Interest detailing why you wish to receive this scholarship and what you hope to achieve through   the experience (Maximum 500 words)
Curriculum Vitae emphasizing your background in social change and activism and references from other
activists or progressive individuals
Ideas for what product you intend to make for Wii Otem
Any questions you have about the program

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and usually require no more than three weeks to receive a decision.

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