Call for nominations for the 2021 Activist of the Year and Community organizer of the Year Awards

In 2018, Solidarity Uganda started the Solidarity Uganda awards to recognize strategic, courageous, and progressive members of society who immensely contribute towards social and political change. There are two awards given each year one being Activist of the year and the other Community organizer of the year.

Nominations are now open

Join us in celebrating the contributions and achievements of individuals who have selflessly contributed to the social and political change in our communities and country at large.

Who deserves an Award?

The awards recognize individuals who have fearlessly contributed to the attainment of social and political change in our communities. Awards recipients include activists and community organizers in Uganda whose personal example of resilience inspires other members of society to stand up to injustice and human rights violations.

Eligible Nominees

Activists and Community Organizers should nominate themselves or nominate an activist or Community Organizer they feel has greatly contributed toward social and political change within 2021. The person nominating should be able to detail why they are nominating whoever they are nominating.

Nominate someone

Please take time to nominate friends, colleagues, or comrades who deserve to be celebrated.

Deadline for nomination 6th May 2022

Please email your nomination and (or) any supporting documentation like pictures, letters articles, etc to &

Complete the nomination form below


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