Download the Luganda Version of From Dictatorship to Democracy Here Hello Comrades, A few months ago with permission from the Albert Einstein Institution, we embarked on translating Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy” to Luganda one of Uganda’s local languages. We are excited to inform you that we concluded the translation and it is now available […]

Citizens remain vigilant in the fight against Corruption in Western Uganda

For many years, corruption has noticeably skyrocketed in various public institutions and offices in Uganda. According to a 2018 Transparency International report, Uganda is ranked the 149th least-corrupt country in the world despite claims of curbing the vice by the government. President Museveni announced a policy of zero-tolerance for corruption in 2006 but it has […]

Evangelical Pennsylvania’s Diluted Faith

In the town where I grew up, every church is pretty much an evangelical church.  The poorly-attended mainline and Catholic churches are usually no exception.  The language clergy use is highly individualistic and the “goal” of most congregations is to get more people into heaven (i.e. “accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior”). […]