Home Economics: Everything is Important

These days I kind of laugh when expats or those abroad complain about a lack of local recycling facilities.  Almost every imaginable object here is recycled in a natural human process, be it a piece of fabric or a scrap of metal. Perhaps they see a seemingly overwhelming amount of rubbish on the roadside, but let me […]

Ugandan Youths Being Tortured at Central Police Station

The Jobless Brotherhood formed recently to protest peacefully against youth unemployment and advocate for a free democratic society in Uganda. Their first act was to stealthily release two yellow painted pigs into Parliament.  Yellow is the color of the NRM ruling party.  Pigs were the animal of choice due to their symbolizing the greed of […]

Living in State House is Backwardness

Recently, President Museveni declared that “living in villages in backwardness.” In a country where the vast majority of people, an estimated 30 million, reside in rural areas, it is very clear that Museveni is not making the statement as part of his campaign for the 2016 elections.  Why should he?  The Electoral Commission with its […]

Want to come visit Uganda without the full financial burden?

Suzan and I are seeking a babysitter for Nadia, perhaps somebody who also likes either computers or community development or agriculture…. Includes food and housing. We will chip in for your plane ticket. Must be willing to hang around at least 3 months.  (Local internships also available.) Contact us via phil[at]solidarityuganda[dot]com. Who could say no to this?

What makes theology “African theology?”

Is it any theology performed by any African? Is it theology derived from a distinct African religious tradition, such as traditional belief systems or Ethiopian Orthodoxy? Is it theology that is distinct from western forms of theology imported during eras of colonialism and Christian mission? Is it theology read into Africa, or Africa read into […]

Probably the Single Best Theology I Have Ever Read in under Five Minutes

Well, it’s actually notes on a speech from last year, but I can feel the speaker’s intend effect nonetheless: http://amahoro2013.tumblr.com/post/51545271334/bishop-zac-the-politics-of-the-kingdom-of-god Some selected excerpts:  “The Australian government had a policy to take away these children from their mothers, because they believed that their mothers had no capacity to raise children because they were not human beings. […]

2 Stories About This Head

1) It was moulded from mud by a primary school drop-out named Bashid, who lives in a village adjacent to Suzan’s.  He’s quite the craftsman.  Here he is in the flesh: 2) A friend came in to our office today, where I am trying to sell this sculpture to benefit its creator.  Our conversation went […]

Fighting Fear Rhetoric through Interfaith Collaboration: A 9/11 Reflection

Some may believe that the United States is the only nation in which government officials and companies benefit from fear-mongering, especially on the anniversaries of tragic incidents such as those experienced on the East Coast on September 11th, 2001. But there are political and financial elites in other nations, such as Uganda, who also use […]

What I’ve Really Been Doing for 3 Months

Another reason I have delayed heavily in keeping people in the loop is because I don’t really think I’m that profound or important, and I don’t really want to be.  Lately I have just enjoyed the pursuit of a basic human existence.  Without this pursuit, we (that is to say “I”) get tied up in […]

Here’s What I Want to Say After 3 Months of….Not Saying

I have been quiet because I’m tired of being misunderstood.  Misunderstanding seems to often relate to privilege / marginalization versus perceived privilege / marginalization. But now I have realized misunderstanding is unavoidable – even if nothing is spoken, as virtually everyone I know falls into one of the following categories: 1) Neighbors who grew up living […]