More than 600 farmers face eviction threats in Kasanje amidst the Covid19 lockdown

As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages the world, several state, and non-state actors take advantage of vulnerable communities to evict and grab their land. Several politicians, businessmen, and investors have taken advantage of the crisis and the closure of courts to illegally dismiss people from their land despite the fact that the government ceased all land […]

What happens when those meant to protect us harm us?

Do you remember Eric Mutasiga, a headteacher who was shot by the Local Defense Units (LDUs) in Mukono during the Covid-19 lockdown? His crime was defending a ‘chapati guy' (name withheld) one of his employees working at a chapati stall right in front of Eric’s retail shop where he earned his supplementary income to fend […]

Celebrating Women in Activism and Leadership

Scovia Chelangat Being an activist, organizer, and human rights defender is a tedious job, even more for women. Scovia Chelangat has had a fair share of this. Scovia Chelangat is a 30-year-old Ugandan activist and organizer from the Indigenous Benet people along the slopes of Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda. She has been at the […]


As the COVID19 lockdown continues in Uganda, the abuse of human rights and brutal treatment of citizens intensifies. Throughout this week, we have observed several human rights defenders and other citizens arrested and brutalized by security personnel.  Our chapter members in Isingiro district, Western Uganda were unlawfully arrested and asked to pay money in order […]

Citizens remain vigilant in the fight against Corruption in Western Uganda

For many years, corruption has noticeably skyrocketed in various public institutions and offices in Uganda. According to a 2018 Transparency International report, Uganda is ranked the 149th least-corrupt country in the world despite claims of curbing the vice by the government. President Museveni announced a policy of zero-tolerance for corruption in 2006 but it has […]