Land grabbing continues to be a significant issue in Uganda. Land grabbing refers to the unlawful and often forceful acquisition of land by individuals, corporations, or the government, usually at the expense of local communities and landowners who are often displaced or denied their land rights.

Building resilience in the face of adversity; the story of Babra, a victim of systematic land grabbing

Land remains a key symbol of identity for majority of the people in Uganda, yet land grabs perpetrated by rich and powerful individuals, state and non-state actors continue to increase. We continue to empower grassroots communities through training and coaching to enable them to incorporate non-violent resistance in their efforts to wage against land injustices. We mentor them into building strong and impactful campaigns that will allow them to actively use creative means to find solutions to their problems. 

Mass Land Grabbing; An injustice perpetrated by the state

Unfairness in land use, control, and governance has existed for decades now, with corruption, unfair policies, and other injustices embedded in the land tenure system. The graft problem has not spared the police, the judiciary related to land deals as well as the procuring departments where collusion has struck deep, and large cash bribes are […]

Citizens remain vigilant in the fight against Corruption in Western Uganda

For many years, corruption has noticeably skyrocketed in various public institutions and offices in Uganda. According to a 2018 Transparency International report, Uganda is ranked the 149th least-corrupt country in the world despite claims of curbing the vice by the government. President Museveni announced a policy of zero-tolerance for corruption in 2006 but it has […]