Solidarity Uganda, a dedicated organization working with oppressed communities engaged in nonviolent resistance against oppression and repression, strongly condemns the recent violent attacks that have shaken the Apaa community. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we mourn the loss of innocent lives and call for justice and protection for the Apaa community.

Between 28th August and 2nd September 2023, several Apaa community members fell victim to horrifying acts of violence, resulting in the tragic deaths of four individuals. The victims have been identified as Ooloya Daniel (age 28), Ocen Walter (age 30), Obwona Maracino (age 50), and Odongo Justine. This brutal and senseless loss of life is a stark reminder of the challenges facing the Apaa community, who have long endured violence and oppression.

Solidarity Uganda unequivocally denounces these heinous acts of violence and stands shoulder to shoulder with the Apaa community in their quest for justice and protection. It is disheartening to witness the suffering of a community that has endured years of terror, often at the hands of actors who should be safeguarding their well-being, including security institutions such as the police and army.

For far too long, the Apaa community has lived in fear, their lives disrupted, and their safety compromised. This cannot continue. The government, mandated to protect all its citizens, must cease masquerading and take immediate and concrete actions to address this dire situation. Accountability is paramount, and the government must be answerable for the senseless murders that have occurred in Apaa.

In Solidarity, we call upon the Ugandan government to:

  1. Ensure the safety and protection of the Apaa community, providing them with the peace and security they rightfully deserve.
  2. Conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the recent acts of violence, bringing those responsible to justice.
  3. Recognize and address the longstanding grievances and systemic issues that have led to this crisis, including the use of force by security institutions against innocent civilians.
  4. Engage in a meaningful dialogue with the Apaa community to seek a peaceful and lasting resolution to their concerns.

It is our hope that these actions will lead to the restoration of peace and justice in Apaa, ending the cycle of violence and suffering that has plagued this community for far too long. Solidarity Uganda remains committed to supporting the Apaa community in their struggle for a brighter and more secure future.


Unity is Power

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