Building resilience in the face of adversity; the story of Babra, a victim of systematic land grabbing

Land remains a key symbol of identity for majority of the people in Uganda, yet land grabs perpetrated by rich and powerful individuals, state and non-state actors continue to increase. We continue to empower grassroots communities through training and coaching to enable them to incorporate non-violent resistance in their efforts to wage against land injustices. We mentor them into building strong and impactful campaigns that will allow them to actively use creative means to find solutions to their problems. 


Call for nominations for 2022 Activist of the Year and Community organizer of the Year Awards The prevalent injustices and oppression that exist in our society are a daily reminder of why we should fight back. There are several injustices evidenced through the rampant land grabbing, illegal evictions, and corruption amongst others. These have led […]

Women activists and community organisers convene across the country

Last week we concluded our nationwide women convenings across the country. These convenings brought together different women activists and organizers to share experiences and lessons learned through their struggle against injustices in their communities. They also shared how our training and mentorship programs in community organizing and movement building have helped them stand against oppression. […]


The Women bicycle riding caravan is on. This bicycle-riding caravan is about women coming together to stand against land grabbing and corruption in their communities. Women recognize that when land is grabbed or when evictions occur, they are the most affected with their children. In some cultures, (especially in western Uganda) bicycle riding for women […]

Celebrating Women in Activism and Leadership

Scovia Chelangat Being an activist, organizer, and human rights defender is a tedious job, even more for women. Scovia Chelangat has had a fair share of this. Scovia Chelangat is a 30-year-old Ugandan activist and organizer from the Indigenous Benet people along the slopes of Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda. She has been at the […]