Download the Luganda Version of From Dictatorship to Democracy Here Hello Comrades, A few months ago with permission from the Albert Einstein Institution, we embarked on translating Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy” to Luganda one of Uganda’s local languages. We are excited to inform you that we concluded the translation and it is now available […]

What Does It Mean to Reclaim MLK Day?

When I was in fourth grade, a teacher at our school placed a transparent picture on an overhead projector (remember those?) depicting a white man walking alongside Martin Luther King Jr., explaining that “the Civil Rights Movement started to make a big impact once white people joined them.” The take-away for the entire class of […]

The Invisible Story Behind Invisible Children

An article I wrote earlier this year: I was once an overzealous single, but in 2009 my current wife, Suzan Abong of Oyam District, Northern Uganda, changed my mind fairly quickly. We fell in love at Uganda Christian University, and consequently I spent much of my time since then living in her village and collaborating […]