Registration for ‘Club Masspower’ – Sustaining Social Movements Report Launch


Fellow organizers, activists, and members and supporters of progressive movements across the world:

I hereby interrupt your quarantine blues to invite you to something exciting!

At the end of 2019, I took two months to intensively research the wisdom of organizers and the tools they use to build the power of their movements, coalitions, unions, and organizations. In addition to intensive literature review, I interviewed 20 leading organizers across six continents. We then identified FIVE challenges and gaps that still exist for movement organizers in 2020.

I did write a report about these challenges, but we all know the limitations of publishing a report! This is why my fellow organizers and researchers and I started Club MassPower. Here we will problem-pose and problem-solve together with amazing (I don’t say this lightly) organizers throughout the world. We’ll create virtual collaborations in an iterative way according to the identified needs of those who show up, with occasional spaces over the course of the next six months tailor-designed for members’ needs.

We welcome you! The launch event will take place on June 10 @ 12noon UTC. Register at and you will receive a link. This link also shares the link to the research, if you wish to read it.

Please share this invitation with those who may benefit.

Love, rage, & power,

phil wilmot

Founder and Former Director Solidarity Uganda


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