SILENTVOICES: A Play & Advocacy Project


Silent Voices had its world premiere at the National Theater of Uganda in 2012. This production brought victims, political, religious and cultural leaders, members of the Amnesty Commission and transitional justice leaders together for critical, transformative conversations about the compensation of victims and the National Peace and Reconciliation Bill. For many in the Kampala audience, the atrocities in Gulu were unfamiliar and shocking. While this performance was a huge critical success, playing to sold-out audiences, few victims had the opportunity to view the play or contribute to this discussion. We would like to continue this discussions and advocacy giving a platform to more voices from Northern Uganda! We are calling on you to help us take this production directly to the people of the Northern Uganda communities in Gulu, Lira, and Kitgum – in the Luo language of the area – and involve them in community discussions and other programming.
Your support will help us cover the costs of: live play production and advocacy
talk back sessions in four cities of Uganda, play book
publication of the play both in English and Luo language, and a
live video recording of the production.

SILENT VOICES: A Play and Advocacy Project for War Crimes Victims’ Rights

Silent Voices is a play and advocacy for justice project that reveals and witnesses the terror experienced by countless victims of the 20-year conflict in Northern Uganda, including children, enhancing victims’ healing process and empowerment to take action to improve current policies affecting their lives. The play, sponsored by Solidarity Uganda, is produced by Alfajiri Productions Ltd. Written by renowned Ugandan playwright, Judith Adong and partly developed at the Sundance Theater Lab, the play is based on interviews with victims of the 20-year conflict between the Ugandan Government and the Notorious Joseph Kony and his LRA Rebel forces in Northern Uganda. It mirrors the views and emotions of actual victims of the Northern Uganda war (which do relate in many ways to the victims of the Rwanda genocide and the Kenyan’s post-election violence). The project explores how victims have been ignored in the constant calls to “forgive” and “reconcile” at the expense of justice. Through the protagonist, (Mother – a symbolic representation of life and death) Silent Voices examines what good citizens can be driven into by unhealthy policies. Coupled in a two-frontier approach, play production and advocacy; the project gives the victims a platform and voice to express themselves.

Alfajiri Productions Ltd, a partner of Solidarity Uganda, is producing Silent Voices.

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