What I’ve Really Been Doing for 3 Months

Another reason I have delayed heavily in keeping people in the loop is because I don’t really think I’m that profound or important, and I don’t really want to be.  Lately I have just enjoyed the pursuit of a basic human existence.  Without this pursuit, we (that is to say “I”) get tied up in really stressful things that really carry very little significance: professional progress, self-importance, material stuff, myopic worldviews, etc.

But writing is always worth something – even if it is merely for the selfish ends of my own therapy.  And on top of that, several of you have been asking what is going on.  Thanks for being better than me at keeping in touch.

For three months, I have been unsettled.  Two months were spent apart from my family working on a film (www.facebook.com/ourfeetarerooted).  Then I opened up a community space/internet cafe in partnership with AVCOH in Lira town.  Between these things, I have been facilitating trainings with Solidarity Uganda and Action Aid, attending interagency land rights meetings in Karamoja, and consulting with about half a dozen CBOs.  Finally, I thought I would get a break when I went to pick up my family from Entebbe airport, but several projects and some mishaps (catching malaria four times, our daughter Nadia’s stint of dysentery, and the death of a loved one) kept us from developing a routine.  Now, finally, we have developed at least the facade of a routine within the last week (it only took 3 months!).

Still trying to pull some money together to buy a plot of land closer to town and get truly “settled”….

Also, we are looking for some international volunteers of many types: computer literate folks (even those who merely have a preliminary understanding of Microsoft Word could be helpful), a babysitter, and those interested in farming and construction.  There are incentives!  Contact me: phil@solidarityuganda.com — let me know your availability of Skyping/chatting.

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