Archdeacon Rev. William Ongeng to Visit U.S.

Archdeacon William Ongeng

Archdeacon William Ongeng


I am pleased to announce the coming of my former (and future) supervisor, clergyman Rev. Ongeng.  Keep reading, because this news may affect you!

While Suzan and I lived in Lira, I had the opportunity to serve with the Church of Uganda under Rev. Ongeng’s direction.  He is the Vicar of Lira Town and the pastor of St. Augustine Church of Uganda.

It is now my pleasure to reciprocate the hospitality Rev. Ongeng and his family gave us.  I have invited him to come to the US sometime in the coming months (we anticipate February or March of 2013), so that he can help us build a network of support for Solidarity Uganda.  We would like to have Rev. Ongeng come preach at your church or speak to your organization or community.  Please contact me to put me in touch with whoever may be able to make these arrangements possible.

Why have a clergyman from the Church of Uganda represent Solidarity Uganda and the oppressed of Northern Uganda?  There are a few reasons:

  1. The Church of Uganda is the largest faith tradition in Northern Uganda.  Many residents identify as members of a Church of Uganda congregation, and their faith affiliation is a primary part of their identity.
  2. The Lango Bishop, Rt. Rev. John Charles OdurKami (aka “my boss’s boss”) serves as the chairperson for the Lango Religious Forum.  The Lango Religious Forum, an ecumenical group of Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostals, and members of other faith traditions, will likely oversee the projects of Solidarity Uganda, particularly its NOTE chapter (Northern Operations for Transformational Education).
  3. The Church of Uganda has traditionally spoken out against social, political, and economic injustice and oppression.
  4. I hope to improve my footballing skills to play for the St. Augustine defending champions as a midfielder in the next Interparish Cup.  Ha!

We would like to maximize Rev. Ongeng’s brief stay by visiting friends, family, churches, schools, and other institutions.  Once again, I ask that you connect with me personally to express your (or your group’s) potential availability.  Details need not be clear at this point.  Email

If you are able to contribute to the funding of Rev. Ongeng’s airfare, visit our donations page.

Be blessed.

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