Probably the Single Best Theology I Have Ever Read in under Five Minutes

Well, it’s actually notes on a speech from last year, but I can feel the speaker’s intend effect nonetheless:

Some selected excerpts: 

“The Australian government had a policy to take away these children from their mothers, because they believed that their mothers had no capacity to raise children because they were not human beings. They were taken to religious institutions and when they prayed in their mother tongue, they were told to pray in English, because English is the language in which you can communicate with God.”

“In Kampala every year, cholera breaks out. It’s a disease of eating your faeces. So what does it mean to be a Bishop in Kampala? I don’t believe in commuter pastor ministry. Live amongst the people you minister to. You can’t say you’re a Bishop in Kampala if you’ve never slept in a slum. Every time it rains they flush their toilets. How do you flush a toilet in a slum? Slums are usually in swamps, so their toilets are “up”. When it rains heavily, the stuff flushes out…to whom it may concern. And the little kids play in the water. Kampala’s water is 75% contaminated by faecal matter.”

“I hoped there would be headlines: BISHOP ZAC SLEEPS IN SLUM! I hoped to mobilze the media, the city: but nothing. God wanted me to feel it. There is no amount of prayer or charity which is going to change that place.”

“When you say “Politics and the kingdom of God” you are building a dualism: separate spheres; spiritual/secular, heaven/earth. It is very difficult to find a word in any African language properly equivalent to the word “spiritual”….all this language has killed the way we understand reality.”

“We Africans subscribe to the Christianity taught by European Christianity, which is built on a worldview that is simply pagan. Heaven/earth. Spiritual/secular. (Mind/body). It has departed from the ethic of the Kingdom of God…which is among you.”

“Uganda’s problem is not tribalism (well, it’s not the root problem). We must distinguish roots from shoots. The root problem is injustice. The problem with capitalism is that it is built on greed. Greed connects with idolatry.”

“The problem with this world is this: some are eating from the top of the table, some are eating from underneath, and some are watching from afar.”

“The mzungus come and live here happily, but when we try to live there they say, “No.””

“Stop this nonsense that the poor should wait for heaven. Your kingdom come on earth as it in in heaven. What’s the vision of heaven? A common table. We all partake of the same cup. The answer to 9/11 is reconciliation, not what Bush did. Christians don’t build fences, we build bridges. I have fellowship with Muslims – why? They are created by God.”

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