To engender a culture of active nonviolence in Uganda.


A new Uganda of freedom, justice, peace, opportunity, and happiness.

What We Do

Solidarity Uganda is a nonprofit organization, a collective of trainers and consultants that teach nonviolent strategy, movement building, and social change. We are a "capacity-building" organization that helps Community-Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, activists, grassroots groups, and marginalized communities affect change in their contexts through nonviolent strategies. Our niche is training people to achieve peace and justice, whatever that means in their context: protecting their land from being grabbed by multinational corporations, documenting human rights abuses and corruption, campaigning for an end to economic exploitation, etc. We also consult under-supported individuals and groups to connect them with funding streams, revise their business models and strategies, network them with important contacts (such as pro bono lawyers), and monitor their progress to ensure they are doing as the best they can to achieve their goals.

Solidarity Uganda educates vulnerable communities through discussion-based “problem-posing” education. The pedagogical methods of such community-based trainings employ cross-cultural interactions, physical activities, arts, debates, and other interactive and experiential approaches. Some call this "popular education," "pedagogy of the oppressed," or "adult education" (but we think even kids learn better this way).