Here’s What I Want to Say After 3 Months of….Not Saying

I have been quiet because I’m tired of being misunderstood.  Misunderstanding seems to often relate to privilege / marginalization versus perceived privilege / marginalization.

But now I have realized misunderstanding is unavoidable – even if nothing is spoken, as virtually everyone I know falls into one of the following categories:

1) Neighbors who grew up living here and believe I can afford many more privileges than I really can.

2) Expats, especially fellow Americans, who assume that, like themselves, I can afford many more privileges than I really can.

3) People who are physically distant who believe I am on some exciting exotic adventure, affording many more privileges than I really can.

May God bless those of you who don’t fit into the above categories.  You are gems!

Planet Earth, take note: We are tired of capitalism.  It is causing us to work ourselves into the ground, only to misunderstand one another in the process.  Come up with something different for us, please.  We have waited long enough!

Cynical Phil is back – for those of you who care and those of you who don’t!

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