Archdeacon Rev. William Ongeng to Visit U.S.

Friends, I am pleased to announce the coming of my former (and future) supervisor, clergyman Rev. Ongeng.  Keep reading, because this news may affect you! While Suzan and I lived in Lira, I had the opportunity to serve with the Church of Uganda under Rev. Ongeng’s direction.  He is the Vicar of Lira Town and […]

Better Things to Do Than Voting: American Pseudo-Suffrage and the Illusion of Hope

This post is not about the electoral college.  It is not about a better Third Party Candidate.  This post is about a seduced people and the facade of democracy.  An oppressed populous that has internalized the image of the oppressor. Change does not happen from the top down.  God tried that for a few thousand years, bossing […]

With The Vicar of Lira and his family

Don’t Call Me “Missionary”

A heavily tattooed woman with short hair and work boots walks down the street confidently as you brush shoulders with her while passing in the opposite direction.  “Must be a lesbian,” you think to yourself. We all categorize people we don’t know.  It’s a survival tactic.  We need to know how to appropriately socialize with […]